Back in September me and my mom went to Tricity! We visited 3 cities in 3 days!

Midnight trip!

We left at Midnight and drove for 6 hours to arrive in the beautiful city of Gdańsk at 6am! We had buns from breakfast and I did my makeup at a KFC! haha

Ahhh! The beautiful Sea of Poland! The sea was stunning!

Day 2 was this beautiful, rich city called Sopot! Oh boy, so many different attractions! It rained, but that didn’t stop us from having fun and exploring the city!

Sofitel; the Grand hotel had a beautiful fountain next to it!
The hotel was amazing!
Deck at Sopot!

The sea can be visited from all 3 cities!


Day 3 was Gdynia time! Filled with just as much fun and sea as the other 2 cities! You can see me planning our day in the morning! Yes, tea and pepsi, haha!

More sea!


Beautiful throwback from my amazing trip to Europe! I usually don’t attempt zoo’s / safari’s because I don’t like the idea of keeping animals in cages but this Safari is actually very friendly and treats those beautiful creatures with so much care and respect! Had so much fun with my family!

Feeding this beautiful baby goat!
Look at this little tongue!
Zebra’s intrigue me!


Something I miss most about my beautiful country; Poland; is my family’s summer house. A very simple, cozy, warm house in the middle of nowhere. Nothing but nature and peace. I’m not much of a city girl, don’t get me wrong I love big, loud, cities but sometimes it’s nice to have a getaway! Waking up to the sound of the forest, no wifi, no cellular data, no service. Nothing but family including our loving animals!

My beautiful mom.
Nap time with my babies.